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You Need to Focus – Or Do You? The Debate About Multi-tasking

The Internet, mobile phones, smart phones…they’re all making us less focused.  We can do more stuff, but less at the same time.  We need more focus.   But how important is focus really?  Don’t we live in a society that asks us (and rewards us) to do more with less time.  It turns out that […]

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Work Environment: How Important Is It?

Remember workplaces with pool tables and beanbag chairs?  Remember Pets.com and 1999?  Remember thinking: wouldn’t it be great to work someplace that had a coffee bar and an foosball table? The following shows Google’s offices in Zurich: Link Scrolled down through all the pictures?  Feel jealous? Here’s the real question: would changing your surroundings change […]

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Desktops: What Does Yours Say About You?

Today, the definition of the ‘the office’ can mean wildly different things to different people.  For some, it’s about a view. For others, it’s all about the gadgets or even a representation of who they are as a person.  We found a photostream that is devoted solely to people’s “desks”.  There are many that are […]

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NESCO Wins Inavero’s Best of Staffi­ng® Award Five Years Running

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