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HR Is Ignored. And That’s a Big Business Opportunity.

In an article published earlier in the Harvard Business Review, the author outlined some of the basic problems with HR Departments and how to fix them. Why We Love to Hate HR…and What HR Can Do About It by Peter Cappelli gives a great historical overview of HR’s role from WWII through the 1970s and up […]

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Reinvent HR Like Netflix

Here’s a great piece at HBR.com by Patty McCord.  She’s the founder of Patty McCord Consulting and the former chief talent officer at Netflix.  She writes about how Netflix broke a lot of rules when it comes to HR.  She writes, critically at times, about how HR often mistakes its role within a business: Instead of […]

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The Secret to Finding and Hiring Talent

While dining this week with the CEO and owner of a nationally recognized SEO firm and the CIO of a large Cleveland institution, the topic turned to business and the current challenges facing both organizations. Not surprisingly, both declared that their single biggest challenge was finding and hiring talent. Finding and hiring bodies to occupy […]

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Does Your HR Process Recruit or Repulse?

A lot of large companies are coming to the realization that in order to grow and thrive, they need to develop and pursue internal innovation capabilities. However, they also frequently recognize that they don’t have the internal talent needed to foster a culture of innovation. Organizations are hidebound by organizational memory that stifles innovation and continually pursues […]

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NESCO Wins Inavero’s Best of Staffi­ng® Award Five Years Running

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