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Magnify Positive Results By Delegating

There are volumes written on good management strategies, but sometimes simple and concise advice is the best. In this post from Lifehack.org, the author outlines basic advice taken from Penelope Trunk at Yahoo! Finance.  It’s great advice for people managing a team of 4 or a company of 400.  The interesting point that Trunk makes is […]

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The Power of Introverts

It’s true. We tend to value extroverted, type-A personalities. But that’s business, right?  It’s a cruel world where the loud and agressive move to the head of the pack, and leadership and team work win out over solitude because it’s better than business. Well, according to Susan Cain, that’s an incorrect assumption that is actually […]

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Does Your HR Process Recruit or Repulse?

A lot of large companies are coming to the realization that in order to grow and thrive, they need to develop and pursue internal innovation capabilities. However, they also frequently recognize that they don’t have the internal talent needed to foster a culture of innovation. Organizations are hidebound by organizational memory that stifles innovation and continually pursues […]

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Manufacturing Skills in Short Supply

A recent article in the New York Times captured the current employment turmoil that defines our domestic manufacturing sector. Although a number of companies do have staff openings, they’re discovering it’s very difficult to find candidates with the advanced technical skills that the company needs. Dispelling much of the media hype about our country’s decline […]

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5 Ways to Make a Shorter Work Week Work

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?  Every weekend a three day weekend.  No hump day.  Two Saturday nights!  It actually turns out that the dream of a shorter work week isn’t such a dream so much as a debate we are having with ourselves. Experts tell us that the average worker would have to work […]

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Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Safe workplaces don’t happen by accident. They happen when safety is a primary concern and motivator for management and staff alike and when active steps are taken to plan a safe work environment. Want to make your workplace as safe as it can be? More tips can be found at Nesco Safety First Facebook Page […]

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How to Win The Coming War For Talent

Current economic problems and high unemployment numbers are distorting many employers’ perception of the overall happiness and satisfaction of their employees. When unemployment is high and uncertainty in the job market reigns supreme, people with jobs tend to hold onto those jobs, even if they’re not fulfilled in their current position. Finding and retaining talent […]

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The Art of Saying ‘No’

In her post ‘Staying with No‘, Holly Weeks outlines some essential advice on saying no and sticking with it.   She’s got some good advice, like staying neutral, not backing down, and not giving false hope.  There is an element here that could be expanded on and that’s putting yourself, as a manager, in a […]

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Ask Three Questions to Clarify Expectations

John Baldoni lays out the three questions managers should ask in order to measure if their leadership is effective.  Managing expectations is often the art of good management.  Clarifying and communicating are often stated as goals of management, but these three question get to the heart of the matter.  How do you measure up? Baldoni is […]

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