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Career Day Conclusion: Women to Dominate

The Job Shopper was invited to join this year’s American Advertising Federation Career Day in Cleveland to share our perspectives on the impact and importance of social media for new job seekers. The audience of approximately 100 recent or pending college graduates gathered at The Plain Dealer’s headquarters in downtown Cleveland to listen to an assortment […]

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The Boss Wants Me to Tweet – Now What?

The dynamic is supposed to be that you’re pushing upper management to embrace social media and those ludites won’t budge. The reality is that your boss has probably read about Twitter and thinks that your company should start tweeting. About what, nobody knows. Now it’s fallen to you to tweet and finding pithy 127 character […]

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5 Rules to Blog For Professional Advancement

The website Technorati claims that there are more than 100 millions blogs crowding the web. The types of blog vary enormously ranging from personal diaries, fiction, hobbies, experiences, opinions (professional and personal), and reviews. Many professionals have created blogs as a way to stay active and involved in their professions when between jobs, to keep their […]

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A Manager’s Guide to Social Media Policy

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all terrific ways of marketing a company…but they are also terrific ways to waste time.  Social media accounts for approximately 22% of our online time according to the social media examiner.  It’s doubtful that all that time is spent after work hours or on work related tweets.  Almost certainly people […]

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5 Tips for a Better Relationship with the IT Guy

The IT guy in your office might be a perfectly likable member of the team.  But in many offices, he or she is an odd, introverted person that pops up every once in a while to tell you what you’ve done wrong with your computer. The gap between IT and the rest of us has […]

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6 Tips For A Great Prezi (The PPT Alternative)

The idea behind Prezi is simple: let’s build an alternative to PPT that isn’t difficult to use, looks great, and is sharable.  Prezi has definitely accomplished a lot and you should give it serious consideration for your next presentation for the ‘Wow’ factor alone.  You can zoom in and out of pictures and words and […]

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Internal Meetings Part II: 5 Ways to Buck the Blackberry

There’s nothing more contentious than meetings. Internal meetings. We’ve all been in the gatherings where blackberry typing, pastry eating, and PowerPoints both seem to suck our time away, but in such a passive, friendly way that we don’t mind. How do we make this workplace institution better. Turns out there’s no way to address it […]

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Ban Email?

So let’s ban email.  But before we do, let’s talk about something else: auditing emails.  I know, the phrase has a terrifying ring.  No one likes anything audited and email can be highly personal, but Michael Schrage thinks that it’s a good mechanism to improve productivity.  No, we’re not talking about policing someone’s email looking […]

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Sending Big Files

Computer technology is funny. The smaller, faster, and cheaper things get, the bigger, slower, and more problematic they become. It used to be that sending a 1MB file took forever and was likely blocked by the recipient.   Today 1MB is child’s play, but that 300MB PowerPoint presentation…that’s still a problem. Some may shrug and […]

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Inbox Zero: Myth or Fact?

The idea sounds crazy…your inbox should be at zero most of the time. That’s zero. Nothing. For most of us, email inboxes are sort of a repository for our lives. It’s the place where you keep everything because you might need it in the future. Even the little replies that don’t mean much: “Yep. Works […]

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