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The Value of Titles

In a recent blog posting for the Harvard Business Review, Career Builder CEO Matt Ferguson reported that hiring mangers who only look at job titles report a higher rate of ‘skills gaps’ than those who look more widely at a resume. …the…survey found that 55 percent of hiring managers who have job openings for which […]

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You Need to Focus – Or Do You? The Debate About Multi-tasking

The Internet, mobile phones, smart phones…they’re all making us less focused.  We can do more stuff, but less at the same time.  We need more focus.   But how important is focus really?  Don’t we live in a society that asks us (and rewards us) to do more with less time.  It turns out that […]

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Internal Meetings Part I: Present Like You’re Selling

Here’s the thing about internal PowerPoints: they’re just like PowerPoints you give to your customers only worse. And let’s face it, those are pretty bad. Bullet points? Bad clip art? Lots and lots of words? Chances are your presentation skills overall could use an overhaul. And it turns out that there is plenty of advice out there.

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Blink or Think: Two Approaches to Decision Making and Five Tips

We all know people that make decisions in extreme ways: the guy who snaps up a real estate deal in a matter of minutes or the person who takes 10 minutes to decide between fries and coleslaw.  Most of us fall somewhere in between, but there are philosophies of decision making that can sway most […]

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Sending Big Files

Computer technology is funny. The smaller, faster, and cheaper things get, the bigger, slower, and more problematic they become. It used to be that sending a 1MB file took forever and was likely blocked by the recipient.   Today 1MB is child’s play, but that 300MB PowerPoint presentation…that’s still a problem. Some may shrug and […]

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Desktops: What Does Yours Say About You?

Today, the definition of the ‘the office’ can mean wildly different things to different people.  For some, it’s about a view. For others, it’s all about the gadgets or even a representation of who they are as a person.  We found a photostream that is devoted solely to people’s “desks”.  There are many that are […]

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Inbox Zero: Myth or Fact?

The idea sounds crazy…your inbox should be at zero most of the time. That’s zero. Nothing. For most of us, email inboxes are sort of a repository for our lives. It’s the place where you keep everything because you might need it in the future. Even the little replies that don’t mean much: “Yep. Works […]

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Lose the Shells: Organizing Your Inbox…or Not

Organizing your Email is probably something that you’ve been meaning to do or have already done but are behind on. You know what we mean…all those emails piled up with about 17 different folders they could be filed under. Or that long inbox that dates back five years. But here a radical idea: suppose you […]

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NESCO Wins Inavero’s Best of Staffi­ng® Award Five Years Running

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