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You Are Your Ideas

It sounds obvious, but having great ideas has value.  It’s an often over-looked point in career development to point out the original ideas that you have.   In a Harvard Business Review post, John Butman discusses a conversation he had with a young woman who wants to spread an idea and create a movement. Her idea, […]

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The Value of Titles

In a recent blog posting for the Harvard Business Review, Career Builder CEO Matt Ferguson reported that hiring mangers who only look at job titles report a higher rate of ‘skills gaps’ than those who look more widely at a resume. …the…survey found that 55 percent of hiring managers who have job openings for which […]

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HubSpot is Creating a Culture They Love.

What kind of culture are you creating?  That’s a valid question whether you work at a company, own one, or run a department.  It’s important to define who you are and how you will do business on a day to day basis for yourself, your co-workers, and for your customers. HubSpot is a great example […]

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Defining a Culture of Flexibility The Real Issue in Work from Home Debate

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced in February that the company would no longer allow employees to work from home, it launched a media storm.  Actually, it launched several media storms and the story became whatever anyone seemed to want to make it.  Here’s part of what she said: To become the absolute best place […]

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Magnify Positive Results By Delegating

There are volumes written on good management strategies, but sometimes simple and concise advice is the best. In this post from, the author outlines basic advice taken from Penelope Trunk at Yahoo! Finance.  It’s great advice for people managing a team of 4 or a company of 400.  The interesting point that Trunk makes is […]

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5 Simple Ways to Create More Productive Workspaces

Creating a dynamic workspace entails more than some nifty Scandinavian  furniture (although that’s sometimes a start.)  Physical environment impacts how people work, see a company, and get things done.  Here are a few approaches that don’t dictate interior design but serve as a framework for changing the dynamics of office space. 1.)  Shared Work Space Creating a place […]

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The Crazy Interview Question (And Why They’re Important)

We all know the crazy curve ball question:  What’s your favorite planet?  If you were a sandwich,  what kind of bread would you have?  How many cows are in Canada? (For a list of 25 other examples click here.) So why do we ask these questions?  And how should a candidate respond?  Is there a correct […]

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5 Reasons Why Office Parties Matter

There is plenty of advice out there about office parties filled with cautionary tales involving too much egg nog.  This is sound advice, but it kind of frames holiday parties as a kind of necessary evil; a minefield best entered and exited cautiously. But office parties are also important tools for career development, management finesse, and […]

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You Need to Focus – Or Do You? The Debate About Multi-tasking

The Internet, mobile phones, smart phones…they’re all making us less focused.  We can do more stuff, but less at the same time.  We need more focus.   But how important is focus really?  Don’t we live in a society that asks us (and rewards us) to do more with less time.  It turns out that […]

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Does diversity make a difference?

HR Law Matters raises the question of diversity in the workplace and its impact on the bottom line.  Citing recent Supreme Court hearings on the matter, Brandon Dhande writes: Notably, dozens of America’s largest employers (including Proctor and Gamble, IBM, United Airlines, Viacom, Pfizer, Xerox, and Cisco) filed anamicus “(friend of the court”) brief in support of the […]

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