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HubSpot is Creating a Culture They Love.

What kind of culture are you creating?  That’s a valid question whether you work at a company, own one, or run a department.  It’s important to define who you are and how you will do business on a day to day basis for yourself, your co-workers, and for your customers. HubSpot is a great example […]

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Defining a Culture of Flexibility The Real Issue in Work from Home Debate

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced in February that the company would no longer allow employees to work from home, it launched a media storm.  Actually, it launched several media storms and the story became whatever anyone seemed to want to make it.  Here’s part of what she said: To become the absolute best place […]

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5 Simple Ways to Create More Productive Workspaces

Creating a dynamic workspace entails more than some nifty Scandinavian  furniture (although that’s sometimes a start.)  Physical environment impacts how people work, see a company, and get things done.  Here are a few approaches that don’t dictate interior design but serve as a framework for changing the dynamics of office space. 1.)  Shared Work Space Creating a place […]

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Does diversity make a difference?

HR Law Matters raises the question of diversity in the workplace and its impact on the bottom line.  Citing recent Supreme Court hearings on the matter, Brandon Dhande writes: Notably, dozens of America’s largest employers (including Proctor and Gamble, IBM, United Airlines, Viacom, Pfizer, Xerox, and Cisco) filed anamicus “(friend of the court”) brief in support of the […]

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Supercharging Productivity?

Productivity is term often used to  not only understand how a business operates, but as a rock solid definition of success or failure.  Is it the right measure for your business, thought?   Lifehack, for example, offers 5 strategies to “super-charge” team productivity that may be great for some businesses.  Here’s an example: 3. Transition […]

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Bridging the Talent Gap

One of the trends in this ‘jobless’ recovery from the Great Recession is the noticeable skills gap that impacts many industries today. At Nesco Resource, we sometimes struggle to match available employees to the specific job requirements outlined by our clients. In the Cleveland market near our corporate HQ, this skills gap is clear and […]

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Determining Pay Scale

Joel Splosky, founder and CEO of Fog Creek Software, writes about a transparent payscale in his article Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise.  At first glance, Splosky seems to be suggesting one of those crazy, radical, workplace ideas that only software companies can handle.  Like free cappuccinos or air hockey: I wanted Fog Creek to have […]

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The Boss Wants Me to Tweet – Now What?

The dynamic is supposed to be that you’re pushing upper management to embrace social media and those ludites won’t budge. The reality is that your boss has probably read about Twitter and thinks that your company should start tweeting. About what, nobody knows. Now it’s fallen to you to tweet and finding pithy 127 character […]

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5 Rules to Blog For Professional Advancement

The website Technorati claims that there are more than 100 millions blogs crowding the web. The types of blog vary enormously ranging from personal diaries, fiction, hobbies, experiences, opinions (professional and personal), and reviews. Many professionals have created blogs as a way to stay active and involved in their professions when between jobs, to keep their […]

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5 Tips for a Better Relationship with the IT Guy

The IT guy in your office might be a perfectly likable member of the team.  But in many offices, he or she is an odd, introverted person that pops up every once in a while to tell you what you’ve done wrong with your computer. The gap between IT and the rest of us has […]

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