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You Are Your Ideas

It sounds obvious, but having great ideas has value.  It’s an often over-looked point in career development to point out the original ideas that you have.   In a Harvard Business Review post, John Butman discusses a conversation he had with a young woman who wants to spread an idea and create a movement. Her idea, […]

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Magnify Positive Results By Delegating

There are volumes written on good management strategies, but sometimes simple and concise advice is the best. In this post from, the author outlines basic advice taken from Penelope Trunk at Yahoo! Finance.  It’s great advice for people managing a team of 4 or a company of 400.  The interesting point that Trunk makes is […]

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The Power of Introverts

It’s true. We tend to value extroverted, type-A personalities. But that’s business, right?  It’s a cruel world where the loud and agressive move to the head of the pack, and leadership and team work win out over solitude because it’s better than business. Well, according to Susan Cain, that’s an incorrect assumption that is actually […]

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Determining Pay Scale

Joel Splosky, founder and CEO of Fog Creek Software, writes about a transparent payscale in his article Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise.  At first glance, Splosky seems to be suggesting one of those crazy, radical, workplace ideas that only software companies can handle.  Like free cappuccinos or air hockey: I wanted Fog Creek to have […]

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5 Rules to Blog For Professional Advancement

The website Technorati claims that there are more than 100 millions blogs crowding the web. The types of blog vary enormously ranging from personal diaries, fiction, hobbies, experiences, opinions (professional and personal), and reviews. Many professionals have created blogs as a way to stay active and involved in their professions when between jobs, to keep their […]

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Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets of Success

In this video, Richard St. John of the St. John Group, outlines the 8 Secrets of Success.  St. John has plenty of advice to given considering that his design group boasts clients like Nortel and Blackberry…he’s very successful.  But what’s interesting about his presentation is that he talked to some famously successful people about their […]

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Leading Your Boss (and Follow Your Subordinates)

John Baldoni, author of Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up, talks about the benefits of leading from the middle in a Harvard Business IdeadCast.  This is not just a tactic for getting ahead; it’s good for many organizations.  Many companies benefit from hearing from the front lines about customer satisfaction, technical challenges, […]

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Peggy Klaus on Recession-Proofing Your Career

Peggy Klaus trains professionals worldwide at leading companies that include Credit Suisse, Disney, UNICEF, and Kaiser Permanente. Author of BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, she is regularly featured in a wide range of media including the Today Show, 20/20, BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and […]

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