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IT May Be Moving To the Cloud, But People Still Have Their Feet on the Ground

The next boom in technology is already happening.  But this time it’s not based on companies simply acquiring technology or improving software. And it’s not based on Silicon Valley software startups.  This boom is driven by companies large and small, racing to keep up with the integration of technology into just about every commonplace interaction.  And […]

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Inaugural Graduating Class from National Recruitment Training Center

Unique Intensive Program Trains Recruiters with Real World Experience in Engineering and IT. Nesco Resource, one of America’s top staffing services firms, announced today the graduation of the inaugural class from its four-month training program, located outside Orlando in Lake Mary, Florida. The program, focused primarily on Engineering and IT services, trains students (typically recent […]

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SafetyFirst Topic: Hand Safety

Workplace injuries cost American business over $60 Billion a year in worker’s comp claims.  There is also loss to productivity and the very real human cost of short and  long-term injuries.  Most accidents are largely preventable.  Nesco Resource’s Safety First initiative is aimed at creating safe work environment as well as safety conscious workers.  Topic: […]

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What’s Your Email Strategy?

Email is a major problem for most people, given the amount of attention the topic gets from blog posts, advice columns, and even entire books. Laura Shin at has some sound advice in her article “‘Don’t Check Email First Thing’ Is Unrealistic For You? Try This Instead” So the impulse to say, “Don’t check […]

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Smartphones and Work

News about Blackberry just keeps getting worse.  Earlier the company announced a buy out deal and now the company reports that it lost a billion dollars in three months. What does the fall of the once mighty Blackberry say about smartphones in the business world?  You can argue about technology, but there are points to […]

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The Value of Grit

Angela Lee Duckworth’s talk on Grit is an amazing assessment of what it takes to be successful.  It’s not IQ.  It’s grit.   From her bio on After five years of teaching seventh graders, she went back to grad school to complete her Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is now an […]

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You Are Your Ideas

It sounds obvious, but having great ideas has value.  It’s an often over-looked point in career development to point out the original ideas that you have.   In a Harvard Business Review post, John Butman discusses a conversation he had with a young woman who wants to spread an idea and create a movement. Her idea, […]

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Magnify Positive Results By Delegating

There are volumes written on good management strategies, but sometimes simple and concise advice is the best. In this post from, the author outlines basic advice taken from Penelope Trunk at Yahoo! Finance.  It’s great advice for people managing a team of 4 or a company of 400.  The interesting point that Trunk makes is […]

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The Work Life Balance Myth?

At the HBR Blog Network, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic writes about some of the persistent myths (or truths?) that people embrace about work and life.  The gist of Embrace Your Work Life Imbalance is to stop worrying and embrace the stress.  The article actual takes some pretty serious potshots at some sacred cows.  For instance, we all hate people […]

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The Crazy Interview Question (And Why They’re Important)

We all know the crazy curve ball question:  What’s your favorite planet?  If you were a sandwich,  what kind of bread would you have?  How many cows are in Canada? (For a list of 25 other examples click here.) So why do we ask these questions?  And how should a candidate respond?  Is there a correct […]

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