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Be The Han Solo of Safety in Your Workplace

Han Solo may not seem like the poster boy for workplace safety.  Afterall, he did fly into that asteroid field and was frozen in carbonite.  But these were more unfortunate biproducts of being relentlessly pursued by an evil galactic empire and a giant slug.  But when Han is faced with workplace safety issues, he takes the cautious […]

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Forklift Safety Is Everyone’s Job

Nearly half of forklift injuries are suffered by pedestrians.  Most of these injuries are bruises from moving forklifts, but workers also trip over the forks of parked forklifts.  Sometimes workers stand on the elevated forks and fall off or stand too close to a working forklift in a confined space and get their toes crushed. […]

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Workers Memorial Day is April 28th

Workers Memorial Day (April 28) is an international day of mourning for those who have lost their lives or been injured on the job.  It is also a day to renew commitments to safety.  In the United States, Workers Memorial Day is recognized by, among many organizations, OSHA: Workers’ Memorial Day is observed every year […]

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Clever Eyes on the Road Campaign

Volkswagen’s ‘Eyes On The Road’ PSA Highlights The Dangers Of Distracted Driving It doesn’t take a horror movie to get audiences to jump from their seats. Sometimes, a clever ad will do the trick. Moviegoers in Hong Kong apparently didn’t know what was in store when the lights went down and they began to watch […]

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Distracted Driving: A Workplace Issue

We mostly think about distracted driving as an issue for teenagers who recklessly text and check emails while barreling down the road.  However, distracted driving can be a serious workplace issue for workers of all ages.  And it’s an issue with a heavy cost in both money and lives. Many employers and employees are not […]

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Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Safe workplaces don’t happen by accident. They happen when safety is a primary concern and motivator for management and staff alike and when active steps are taken to plan a safe work environment. Want to make your workplace as safe as it can be? More tips can be found at Nesco Safety First Facebook Page […]

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