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What’s Your Steven Spielberg Curriculum?

There’s a story floating around the Internet that probably isn’t true.  But like most things on the Internet that aren’t true, there is still value.  Here’s the scoop:

There is a list of 206 films that you must watch before working with one of the greatest director of all time.  One could argue that it’s a pretty low bar and that it’s probably not how Spielberg chooses his employees, but there is value in the notion.  “You should do these things if you want to work with me.”  Sure, it’s arrogant, but there’s some simplicity to it.  Want to see the list?  It’s in a Google Doc here.

What does this have to do with your career?  Even if you’re not a filmmaker, you probably have your own Spielberg (i.e. someone who is very good at what they do and someone you want to work with.) What is their ‘list’?  Whether it’s a set of books, films, blogs, conferences, or events, the people you look up to and want to work with have their own curriculum.    That curriculum is probably not published online, but you should ask questions, follow links, and even guess at what might be on that list.  If you want to be hired by someone or work with them on a team, you need speak their language and this is a great start.  Form a curriculum, write it down, and then follow it.  By emulating the behavior of someone you look up to, you’ll not only improve your own skills and advance your own outlook, but you’ll also enhance your relationship with the person you want to work with.

By the way, if you’re a Spielberg or hiring for one, why not create a curriculum.  It something that may highlight  the truly committed candidates and help shape their understanding of their future employer.

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