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The Secret Santa Gift Guide: Five Don’ts

It’s that time of year again.  Your office is having a Secret Santa Gift exchange or you just need gift ideas for the office.  Here’s a list of what not to do:

1.)  Calendars or Daily Planners:  These were a great gift prior to about 1998.  But then Palm Pilots came along, then Blackberries, iPhones, Androids.  Unless you know someone who uses paper for planning their day (they are still out there), skip this as the go to gift that ‘everyone needs’.  Because most everyone does not.

2.)  Generic Gift Cards:  Nothing says “I don’t  pay much attention to my co-workers” than a gift card to somewhere…anywhere.  This could be a last resort if you know someone is a fan of a  particular store, style, or product.  But why not go there yourself or order an item online.

3.)  The Gag Gift:  Again, be careful with this.  Is it really that funny?  Do you really know this person well enough?  Is it really the best idea for someone who is your superior?  Could someone be offended?  It’s important to ask these questions before you gag someone.

4.)  The Knick Knack:  Does your co-worker have a collection of trolls or snow globes?  No?  Then you probably aren’t going to inspire them to begin.

5.)  USB Gadgets (qualified):  OK, there’s actually a line here.  The USB port is kind of the last bastion of customization for our computer.  You don’t need IT approval, generally, and there are some pretty sophisticated devices that can hook up to them.  But the USB Rocket Launcher?  USB Toaster?  These qualify as Knick Knacks.  Just skip them.  There are, however, some useful USB gifts out there.  Look for those later this week.

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Tim McPherson

By Tim McPherson

Tim McPherson, President and COO for Nesco Resource, has over 27 years of experience in all facets of the Staffing Services Industry.

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