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10 Ways To Boost Your Job Search During the Holidays

The Holidays can be a potent symbol for many of us, good and bad.  They are a time of family and joy, of new beginnings, and resolutions.  But they can be a wall as well; a time to procrastinate, to make excuses, and to blame the season for inactivity.  But life goes on during the holidays and business does too.  In fact, the holidays present some significant opportunities to get a new job in the new year.  Here are 10 ways to boost your job search over the holidays.

1.)  Network!  Holiday parties are a great time to talk, connect, and seek out opportunities.  Have a drink or two but stay sharp.  Even the most low-key of gatherings might hold an opportunity.

2.)  Be Flexible.  This time of year is hectic for everyone and the more you can accommodate interviews or even a hiring window, the more opportunities you’ll have.  It might mean putting off travel or making travel flexible, but it will be worth it if you land an opportunity.

3.)  Send Cards.  Holiday cards allow you to stay connected without being invasive.  A simple card of warm wishes in the new year gives you a great follow-up to contacts you’ve made all year.  Also, a handwritten personal note goes far.  Don’t skimp on ink!

4.)  Update.  Your resume, social media pages, websites — all of it.  The new year is a time to mark your accomplishments and stay up-to-date.

5.)  Get Seasonal.  Seasonal employment around the holidays is a good way to earn extra money, show initiative, and find related work.  It’s also a good resume builder that won’t raise eyebrows if it’s short term.

6.)  Make a List.  Check it twice….all kidding aside, lists are a great way to prioritize your holiday strategy and goals for the new year.

7.)   Stay In Shape.  This time of year can be an excuse to eat and drink too much.  Don’t fall into this trap or let yourself indulge because you’re hunting for a job.  It will just make things worse in the new year and set up further obstacles to motivate your search.

8.)  Volunteer.  Use your time to connect to charities in your community to help out those who need it most.  You’ll make new friends, possibly connections, build a point on your resume, and help your community.

9.)  Enjoy Family.  Your time is flexible now.  Use it wisely to connect with kids, an elderly relative, or really anyone you normally don’t see.

10.)  Don’t Binge Shop.  It’s tempting to prove that you won’t let a job hunt get in your way of a good Christmas or that sales around the holidays are too good to pass up.  But family and friends really want your time and love more than they do a gift.  Something small or symbolic or homemade is worth more and doesn’t come with a c high interest credit card bill at the end of the month.

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