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Engaging Employees

In a recent post, Susan David calls for action on engaging employees.  She cites a recent Gallup Poll which shows a scant 30% of U.S. employees are engaged in their work.

Gallup’s research shows that engagement among US workers is holding steady at a scant 30%. This means seven out of ten people are either “checked out”, or actively hostile toward their employers. Seven out of ten.

So why care?  Well, it seems that engaged employees has some real bottom line results.  Very real.

Study after study shows that employee engagement, an index of bringing one’s best and full self to work, is not just an organizational nicety. It is a business imperative, linked to a number of performance outcomes, including profitability, customer satisfaction and turnover. A 2012 report on human capital from McKinsey added to the evidence, noting that organizations with top scores in employee motivation are about 60% more likely to be in the top quartile for overall business health.

60% more likely.  That’s huge.  So how do you engage your employees?  Throw a party?  Crazy shirt Friday?

Maybe just start by sharing this information.   These numbers are powerful and sharing them with your team is a great way to start a conversation about becoming more engaged.  Bottom line results are compelling and, if they’re not to your employees, that’s a great starting point to figuring out why.

Employees will only be engaged if they are engaged in the long-term success of the company.  Some companies involve profit sharing or commissions, but those are only really tactics.  Starting with the basic conversation that the more we’re engaged in our work, the better we’ll do just might bring up some solutions you’re not thinking of.


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