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Email: What’s In Your Signature

Email signatures are still one of the last uncodified pieces of online communication in the professional world.  Think about it.  Some people don’t have a signature at all.  Some include their phone number.  Some don’t.  Some include social media connections. Most do not.  Some companies have a policy on email signatures.  Many leave it to individuals.

Here’s one take.  You should have an email signature.  It helps your career by making a connection between in-person communications and your online persona.

What your signature contains is really up to individual choice but it should be concise and useful information that is going to help build relationships and solve problems.  Here’s a great example: you’re late for a lunch meeting and want to call the person.  It’s not a close contact so they’re not stored in your phone yet.  No problem.  Just look at the email chain regarding the lunch and…no luck.  Just a name and title.

Or maybe you’re on your way to a meeting at a contact’s office.  An email signature with an address often connects directly to Google Map.  But again, no luck.

Neither of these are life and death scenarios, but they are small missed opportunities and time wasters.  There is more at stake when social media sites, blogs, YouTube channels, and even corporate websites are not include.   Excluding these from email signatures is a significant missed opportunity to extend brands.

The volume of email that is produced everyday is astounding.   Including useful information to help shore up relationships just makes sense.

Many people exclude information for fear of privacy.  But, unless you’re a national figure, sharing communication information may be causing more problems than it’s solving.  In any case, sharing social media information really solves two problems:  a.) sharing information that is already public and b.) directing people to the profile you most want to represent you.

Here’s a link to an info graphic on how email signatures are use from Avid Careerist:  Link


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Jeremy Dixon

By Jeremy Dixon

Jeremy Dixon, PHR is Vice President of the Florida Division of A1 Temps, a Nesco Resource Company. He has 22 years of experience in the staffing industry and has served as President of HR Tampa, the local affiliate chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.

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