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Magnify Positive Results By Delegating

There are volumes written on good management strategies, but sometimes simple and concise advice is the best.

In this post from, the author outlines basic advice taken from Penelope Trunk at Yahoo! Finance.  It’s great advice for people managing a team of 4 or a company of 400.  The interesting point that Trunk makes is that there is happiness actually in the work that people are given to do:

Delegate your best work.
A great way to make more time to help people grow is to delegate your own work. But don’t delegate your grunt work — who wants to do that? Delegate your best stuff and the person you give it to will feel really lucky to be getting more work to do. You get more time no matter which kind of work you delegate, so you might as well be popular.

This seems obvious, but it’s absolutely a point that many people miss.  All work is not created equal.  Some work is actually a reward for hard work.  This kind of reward system could have an amazing effect on a team, magnifying positive results.  Imagine someone tackling a job with the enthusiasm because they know their hard work is their reward.  This is the kind of good management advice that defies the typical carrot and stick approach.  People who really love their work and are talented want to use that talent on projects that will allow them to challenge their minds and grow as professionals.  That’s a carrot for both an employee and a manager.

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Grant Derner

By Grant Derner

Grant Derner is Executive Vice President at Nesco Resource. He oversees the Engineering and IT area for the Eastern half of the U.S.

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