5 Simple Ways to Create More Productive Workspaces

Creating a dynamic workspace entails more than some nifty Scandinavian  furniture (although that’s sometimes a start.)  Physical environment impacts how people work, see a company, and get things done.  Here are a few approaches that don’t dictate interior design but serve as a framework for changing the dynamics of office space.

1.)  Shared Work Space

Creating a place where people can work together in groups or just get away from their desks is one way to shake things up around the office.  These types of spaces can be where informal collaborations turn into the next innovation and chance encounters great working relationships.  A table and some chairs?  A bar? Cafe?  This is the kind of idea that scales up and down easily.

2.)  Private Space

With many offices, space to find some peace and quiet can be hard to come by.  Private space can be essential to meeting deadlines or thinking through a project.  Just make them truly Do Not Disturb and make sure a policy of reserving space is implemeted.

3.)  Clean Desk Policy

This may not be that popular, but a clean desk policy ensures that people stay organized and on top of projects.

4.)  Large Screens

Computer screens are relatively cheap.  Expanding out the field of vision onto one big screen or even two screen is economically feasible and money well spent.

5.)  Revamp the Phone System

A centralized phone system is a must for most companies, but decentralizing to cell phones may be a better call.  Employees can move more freely and begin to look at their desk as less of an anchor point for the day.

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