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Email Cheats?

Email can hang like an albatross around your proverbial career neck whether your a CEO or a recent college grad in your first job.  The shear amount of email that comes into our boxes can be overwhelming and can take away from the true purpose of work: returning voice-mails.

Merlin Mann has been advocating something he call Inbox Zero for  a long time.  Basically the technique centers around  acting on emails quickly and efficiently.  In this post, he outlines ‘cheats’ for efficiently dealing with email.  Don’t get too excited; these aren’t special codes within Outlook that  wipe away those weeks of unanswered emails.   They’re really more like strategies for dealing with email quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a sneak peek:

The delete key

Seriously: is this an email you are ever going to respond to? If it’s more than a week or two old, either answer it or delete it now.

If this strikes you as unsatisfactory or feels “mean and icky,” then ask yourself why, precisely, you’re still staring at this message instead of responding to it. Under what conditions, in your mind, will this email magically become more “answerable?”

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Jeremy Dixon

By Jeremy Dixon

Jeremy Dixon, PHR is Vice President of the Florida Division of A1 Temps, a Nesco Resource Company. He has 22 years of experience in the staffing industry and has served as President of HR Tampa, the local affiliate chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.

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