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20 Time Wasters You’re Not Going To Want To Hear

From comes a really harsh post. Twenty time wasters that you’re not going to want to hear about…but you know they’re true. Facebook posting, TV watching, YouTube surfing. All the favorites are there. But there are some surprises. Accounting? Maybe it would be better to pay someone to crunch the numbers. Exercise? Take twenty minutes a day instead of two hours. Being sick? Staying healthy is ultimately more efficient.

Read the full top twenty here.

It’s worth examining how you spend your day at the office and at home to see if you’re really getting the most out of your day.  Time is, literally, the only thing we can’t make up for.  There are only 24 hours in the day and once an minute is gone it can’t be replaced. Even though we think we can.  Make up for lost time?  Can’t happen.

Incidentally, the article also includes five worthwhile activities.  So don’t make those extra save minutes count with something that’s worth it.

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Grant Derner

By Grant Derner

Grant Derner is Executive Vice President at Nesco Resource. He oversees the Engineering and IT area for the Eastern half of the U.S.

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